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Zip Code Groups

  Zip Code Groups meet in one another's homes, at local restaurants, or visit places of interest. You need to be a member first to attend any of the zip code groups. 

Why join a Zip Code Group? 
If...you are new in the area and ASCGWA...
If...you are an ASCGWA member who lives in a different ZIP CODE than listed* and would  like to start your own...
JOIN ASCGWA and become acquainted and enjoy the fun and fellowship with other military spouses--old friends and new...
If...you are interested in an evening ASCGWA group that can be done too... 
Contact our Zip Code Chair for more information. 

*To see your Zip Code point of contact please login with your member login and password and visit our Zip Code area located in our    Members Only area. Please make contact with your POC and let them know you are up for fun in your own neighborhoods!

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The Springfield Zip Code group met for brunch on a beautiful October        morning at the lovely  home of Linda Henry. Thank you to Linda and    Jennifer Stepedic for hosting!


Thank you to Paula Ann Mancini and Holly Scherer for hosting the Prince William and Beyond Zip Code group's October Luncheon at P.A.'s lovely home.

The Burke Zip Code group met for their October Luncheon at Waraku Japanese Restaurant in Fairfax.

The McLean Zip Code group met for an October Lunch at La Cote D’Or Cafe.

They enjoyed each other's company, having a great time with delicious and beautifully presented meals!

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