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The Army Spouses' Club of the Greater Washington Area's International Liaisons, Lori Borgna-Strong and Kathy Fox

International Members

Membership in ASCGWA provides a unique opportunity for both our American and International Military Spouses. Since 1976, our members have enjoyed fun, fellowship, and cultural exchange opportunities with military friends from over 35 countries around the world! 

Eligibility: You are eligible to become a member of ASCGWA and participate in all events and activities if you are:

  • a spouse of an accredited attaché (Defense, Military, Air Force, Naval) or assistant attaché assigned to embassies in Washington, DC.
  • a spouse of a foreign officer or civilian employee (sponsored by their respective embassy) assigned to duties in the National Capital Region.

The international members are led by Kathy Fox and Lori Borgna-Strong.  Below are some of the fun activities our members have enjoyed:

  • Lunch on the 3rd Thursday of each month.
  • A visit to the White House during the Christmas Season.
  • Oktoberfest with a live German band.
  • Alexandria Ghost Tour.
  • Kayak trip on the river.
  • Library of Congress tour.
  • Afternoon Tea at the National Cathedral and other locations.
  • Smaller get-togethers with members who live close by (in our Zip Code Group).
  • Movie outings.
  • Walking Group.
  • The annual Joint Armed Forces of Washington Luncheon (JAFOWL).
  • International Showcase.

To become an ASCGWA member, please visit our membership page. You will sign up as an Associate Member. If you have questions about ASCGWA membership, please contact Kathy or Lori or the membership chair.  We are looking forward to meeting you!


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Photos from Past International Events

October 2021 

International Photos!

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